Saturday, September 22, 2012


Wow...does anyone hate the new blogger as much as I do? This is terrible!!
I may have to look harder at Google + at this point.
Anyways was out and about today and stopped in an out of the way comic shop and found Volume 2 of the Kamandi Archives for 75% off!! SCORE!!!!

I picked up the first volume quite awhile ago but haven't wanted to spend the $$ to get the second volume, but at 75% off I could resist!  Now to do some reading to inpire my Mutant Future/Mutant Epoch Games!  Woo Hoo!  : )


  1. Yeah, that's the idea...make Blogger so hideous no one wants to use it and push everyone to G+...that's why I moved to Weebly...I built three blogs with postings in less time than it took to figure out where to start with the new Blogger interface. Glad I made the move when I did.

  2. If anyone is interested, the Mutant Future Wiki has an article on Kamandi ( It has a lot of info, but its a real mess!

    And yes, I made that motivational poster.

  3. Wow...does anyone hate the new blogger as much as I do?

    I do. Packing up & moving on. Keeping the account to comment on such fine blogs as this, but no more posting.

  4. ADD Grognard - Intersting point.
    Malcadon - You've done some great work on the Mutant Future Wiki!
    rainswept - Thanks so much for the compliment!! : )