Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cycloposaurus : Mutant Beastie for Mutant Future

Here's one on the lighthearted side of the Apocalypse.


No. Enc. 1d6
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120'(40")
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 13
Attacks: 1 (tail slam/trample/Optic Blast)
Damage: 4d8+2/5d8+2/4d6
Save: L5
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: None (cyber visors, on those beasts with them are considered quite valuable loot)
Mutations: Natural Armor (thick tough skin), Reflective Epidermis: Radiation, Vision Impairment (one eye, -2 to ranged attacks), Night Vision, Optic Emissions (Gamma Blast 4d6),

     The ancients performed all kinds of scientific feats and marvels before the end came. One area, in particular, was their successful attempt to resurrect formerly extinct species. Dinosaurs in particular were a popular area of experimentation. Cycloposaurus is the mutant descendant of their successful cloning of the Apatosaurus. Mother Nature and the Apocalypse have taken steps further…
     Though still a massively huge beast (roughly twice the size of a large elephant), the Cycloposaurus is not as large as its ancestor the Apatosaurus. Perhaps the ancient scientists genetically engineered it to be smaller and thus more practical for zoos and other exhibits. Otherwise the Cycloposaurus has the same overall build and appearance as an ancient Apatosaurus. Their skin coloration ranges from dark gray to a dark purple in color, sometimes with a spotted or striped pattern. From their heads to partway down their long necks their skin coloration is often a yellowish or golden color, and they have one single large glowing red eye in the center of their heads.
     Surprising a herd of Cycloposaurus is an extremely dangerous thing to do. They have learned that even smaller creatures can be dangerous and can often act in unpredictable ways if they believe they are in danger. If young are present add +1 to roll.
Roll 1d6
1 Hold their position and wait to see if the intruder is in fact a threat.
2 Move away at normal pace in opposite direction of the intruder
3 Flee to nearest body of water (lake, river, marsh etc.), if intruder is in way "uh-oh"
4 Panic, herd runs in a panicked fashion trampling anyone and anything that gets in their path, if water is  
   nearby they head to it otherwise they just run!
5 Move at the intruder in an aggressive manner and attempt to stomp/trample tail swipe them. If intruder flees
   they will not pursue.
6 Entire herd unleashes their optic blasts at the intruder!! OUCH!!!

     There are reports that some rogue tech savvy individuals (some speculate that it is the work of rogue android thinkers), have developed a special cybernetic visor for the Cycloposaurus that enhance their Optic Emission attack (5d6 damage instead of their usual 4d6), it also eliminates their normal -2 penalty to ranged attacks and provides them with Ultravision (as the mutation), rumor also says these visors can be controlled remotely and even can be used to deactivate the mutant dinosaurs Optic Attack ability. Who would develop such a device is a disturbing concept indeed…

Based on the above artwork found in Marvel Comics: Next Wave Agents of H.A.T.E. #11
No copyright infringement is intended.

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