Monday, May 30, 2011

Star Wars D6...Sorry I'm late!

 After my great finds Saturday, my wife had a much easier time getting me out and about to do some antiquing/shopping yesterday.  For the most part we didn't really find much of interest, but we spent a pleasant day together.  Late in the day, I think she felt sorry for me, as I had eagerly hoped to score more Sci Fi novels from yesteryear, but had so far come up empty handed.  So she suggested we stop at an out of the way little book store, one that I had forgotten about (its quite a drive from our normal haunts).  I didn't expect to find much, last time I was in there I didn't find anything of interest to me, but I figured it couldn't hurt so we went inside.
Tucked in a back corner behind some unrelated books I found this!!!

                                                     and this!
They were just a few bucks for both of them so I snagged them.  I've posted before that I had very little exposure to Star Wars d6, I was starting college when it first came out, and had taken sort of a break from gaming at the time and was focused on advanced scholarly pursuits (translation GIRLS).  I think I played it in a friends game once or twice.  Reading this last night I realized this is a sweet set of rules.  I particularly like the starship combat, simple yet captures the cinematic feel of the movies.  I had picked up Mini-Six awhile ago, but my Gamer A.D.D. shifted me in other directions. This has me thinking I need to give D6 another look.  I love to mix and match stuff in my Campaigns and with D6 it seems like a breeze to do so.  Plus, there are a TON of free resources out there for D6. They've even made the rules Open to the public, pretty cool.  Anyways just thought I'd share. 


  1. Man, somebody stole my Star Wars rpg years ago. I ought to go looking for that on ebay...

  2. That's cool!

    It's even the SW 1st Ed. book. There were two more editions that followed, each of them refining the system and actually making it better.

    The final version of the SW rules was one of the most well-written and thought out core rule books I've ever read.


  3. Nice find, man. We played the shit out of that back in the day. Blasting Imperial goons never got old!

  4. I was a big SWd6 player, I remember my folks would drive me to the GM's house on Friday nights so we could play. Ironically enough, I now live in the same neighborhood I used to play those SW games in.

  5. Trey, sounds like you need to get on Ebay and Soon! : )
    Eli, do I need to track down the 3rd ed. SW or would D6 Space have me covered?
    Christian, I guess I missed out on some good SW gaming back in the day. *sigh*
    Mik, sounds like some great memories!

  6. I love the classic SWd6 rules. Only played a few games though. A lot of the modules contained a slight amendment/errata for combat where initiative is decided by Perception and not Dexterity (have I got this right? I may have to dig through the tomes) and maybe some extra stun damage rules. Do you have the errata? It was also compatible with the Star Warriors* board game (but all the pilots had to be really skilled cross over from the RPG to the board game).

    I loved that whole attitude of that game. The hyperdrive rules were interesting as well.

    Nice finds!


  7. Hey Billiam, thanks for dropping by.
    I don't have the errata will have to look into that. I don't recall ever seeing the Star Warriors Board game, cool.

  8. There is no better game that captures the feel of Star Wars! Nice find & I hope the rest of your day went well.

  9. Score. One of my favorite RPGs ever.

  10. Such a good RPG. I should dust it off. :)

  11. Wow, lot's of positive comments for this game, I'm really glad I picked it up and sorry I pretty much missed out on really playing it back in the day.

  12. Hey, about the revised rules:

  13. Sorry to bother you again Bill.
    I really recommend the original Source Book for SWRPG. Saw this tonight: -might go cheap - don't know if they post to the States or not.

  14. Thanks Billiam! Your not bothering me at all! : )