Saturday, May 28, 2011

Being a Good Husband Pays Off! : )

 I should have known I was in for it, when my wife got up and was dressed before I was this morning, she's usually the night owl, and I'm usually the morning person.  She was all smiles, and had coffee ready (I always make the coffee, since I'm the first one up)...uh-oh.. She had printed out several sheets of map quest maps... uh-oh...
 Then she casually mentioned over breakfast about ESTATE SALES...oh...dear God...No...what to do? Panic!!  I blanked...I had no response, she already knew I didn't have anything major planned for the day... AARGH!  ok ok...we'll go to a sale or two, putter around a bit then we can do something else...ANYTHING else!
So being a good husband, I agreed!
I'm dragging...I think lunch was missed at some point...I know breakfast was hours if not days ago...
She then says..."you know "our" favorite antique store?  We are near it by chance"..."huh".. and it's going out of business this weekend!"  Oh DEAR GOD!!!!
So being a good husband I drove to the was PACKED with people.  So we went inside.
While she shopped I wandered around...listless, I mean we'd been on the road for days? Hadn't we?? Dehydration was setting in...maybe there was a coke machine in this place...I set out to find a coke machine or a water fountain or maybe a rusty water faucet in the back alley! 
Then I spotted them!!! a section of BOOKS!! and in amongst the romance novels and self help books I spotted them!!! Conan, Star Trek and best of all several Yellow Spined SCI FI DAW's!!! in Great condition!!! a whole stack of them!! FOR CHEAP.. .50 cents each!!!!  I looked around...ready to deck anyone trying to come up and loot my find!!
They were mine all mine!!!

So I ended the day tired but with a stack of great books for my Man Cave and Brownie Points with the Missus for spending the day shopping! The moral of this story?
Being a Good Husband Pays off!! Woo Hoo!!!
Have a great Weekend!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post, so much. Really great. Good job for being a great Hubby. Excellent on the books.

  2. Nice haul. One of my buddies found a set of the D&D brown book at an antique store for, like, $35. What a dick.

  3. Quite a haul. Who said virtues always gotta be its on reward? ;)

  4. Thanks for checking out those links. She's a real fun pup to have. Right now she's snuggled in, eating peanut butter from her brain toy. They make these toys where the dogs have to work to get the food. She really loves those toys.

  5. Good karma brother! Antiquing is a bore of a chore, but your duty paid off handsomely!

  6. Awesome! I'm headed out to the Lotte Department Store with my wife this afternoon. I don't think Lotte has a used book store, and if they did the books would all be in Korean, but maybe something good will turn up for me, too. :D

  7. As was aptly earlier said: good karma :) (good books too....)

  8. Oh GOD! Please do not let my wife read this!

  9. Nice find! Boardgames and Fighting Fantasy books are my consolation prizes from recent expeditions. :)

  10. Gor, Flashing swords, Conan ... congratulations!

  11. Lets see I count Star Trek, Tarzan,Gor, The Drift, 3 Conan books, & a bit of Jack Vance as well! Nice haul & good solid start on the man cave... The wife stuff was nice to hear about as well.