Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simian Saturday : More pics of the POTA Comic!

I found some more pictures from the upcoming Planet of the Apes Comic that I mentioned last Simian Saturday. I hope the interior art and story matches the covers of these, cause I gotta say they look sweet!
Hope to use them for inspiration for my Mutant Future/PA games.
Here's the cover of issue #2.

Love the look of that guy! Oh err I mean Ape!  : )
Here is the blurb about this issue,"An assassination tears through the fabric of both Ape and Human societies. In the chaotic aftermath Ape forces begin arming themselves. Prepare yourself for the explosive results as Ape and Human forces clash!"

Here is the cover of issue #3:

 Oh yeah, can't wait for these, I'm dangerously optimistic!  ; )


  1. This interpretation of the POTA apes looks cool, though it's a bit sasquatch-ish.


  2. Well, the comic looks good, at least.

    I've got a POTA nonfiction post coming up sometime this week that would probably be right up your alley, Bill.