Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, and a Pathfinder Sunday to you

 I hope everyone has a Great Easter, taking a break from gaming today but here are a few random pictures of last Sunday's Pathfinder game.

   Sneaking a peek behind the DM's Screen...drat all the good stuff is on his computer!
Ahhh what's this? A peek into the DM's tacklebox of Doom...looks like an action filled afternoon!
Yes, Mr. DM...I'm back on my side of the table...see I've got my dice, my pencil and my I wasn't looking behind your screen, while you were out of the room...not at all.
Oh No the evil Wizard has cast Bigby's Gigantic Crushing Hand of Destruction..oh wait that's just the DM.
Hofud Hellhammer (that's me!) charges the evil Wizard!
The cowardly wizard fled, now to rescue the damsel in distress...