Monday, April 18, 2011

Trap Jaw (for The Mutant Epoch)

 I'm continuing to read/study The Mutant Epoch RPG that I recently picked up.  One thing I like to do with a new game is test its versatility for character creation.  Readers of this blog know that I love to convert all sorts of stuff to my games.  So I figured what better way to test out the ropes of The Mutant Epoch than to try and stat up a particular favorite bad guy of mine from a certain 80's cartoon.  A certain metal-Jawed, cyborg limbed, blue-skinned...ok on with the good stuff!

Trap Jaw!

Sorry if its a bit hard to see, I used a bonus character sheet available on the website.  For purchasers of the core rules, there is a code that gives you access to a TON of additional content, character sheets, maps, NPC's etc!.
For this write-up  I used the optional Mutant Cyborg rules, and adapted the Gaping Maw mutation into a cybernetic implant, but I'm pleased with the final results, I only did him to Rank 3, but if he gets the drop on the players and is fully charged up and packing... Yikes!

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