Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pathfinder Sunday!

Well I got to play in my buddy Clint's Pathfinder game today!
We had a blast. 
Here's a few pictures of the days events...
                                 The obligatory Tavern; Meet & Greet
Ben looks expectantly over the upcoming battlefield
Rear view of the fortress
Thought we were being clever by sneaking in through the sewer/well system.. a Black Pudding taught us otherwise!
Hofud HellHammer slays the evil priestess, but the Hobgoblin Monk is ready for him!
Now things get really interesting!!


  1. That terrain looks amazing! How'd you like Pathfinder?

  2. Hey Christian! Yeah, Clint went all out for this session, the terrain looks even better in person. He even had sound effects playing on the computer. As for Pathfinder, if you like 3.5 I highly recommend Pathfinder, it is basically 3.75. I prefer it to 4E any day. If you prefer Old School(OSR)-type games you will probably find Pathfinder to be too rules heavy for you. As a DM I prefer more rules-lite games but as a player I had alot of fun today, I played Hofud Hellhammer (human Fighter) basic Bash and Smash type character and had a ball.

  3. Its always a pleasure to watch the reaction of my players when i present something extra nice , like this castle thats composed of tile graphics from Fat Dragon games and old styrofoam i got from a recently purchased flat screen tv. I plan on some more styrofoam surrondings soon. Now what will happen to our fellow party memebrs as they decend into Halabasters quarters? What will they find there? Why my oh my , its a rather large and unruly ...(splat).