Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cursed Earth!!

 I Am The Law!
Well ok I'm not, but Judge Dredd is...
I recently discovered a really cool TPB from the Judge Dredd comics of the late 70's.

 With the storyline being so cool from a P.A. wild and wahoo perspective I tracked down the Mongoose Traveller RPG Supplement for it! And was not disappointed.

Here's the blurb about it:
"If you thought the streets of Mega-City One were bad, wait until you take a walk outside the city! The Cursed Earth is a blasted, irradiated wasteland filled with mutants, desperadoes and renegades eking out an existence in the most hellish place on the planet. Stretching across the old continental United States, the Cursed Earth separates the three great Mega-Cities of America. Judges often have cause to venture out into danger, to pursue renegade perps, stall mutant invasions or even just to introduce rookies to the Cursed Earth in order to fulfil their training requirements. With this complete guide to the Cursed Earth, you can take your adventures into the hellish heartland of America."

Here's a world map I found. 
There is some great stuff in this setting that I am going to plug directly into my Mutant Future Campaign.  While I don't plan on running a Judge Dredd Campaign anytime soon, there is plenty of stuff that you can use without needing the Judge references.
Hmmm when did Jimmy Carter get a face on Mt. Rushmore?  LOL
Good Gaming!


  1. Dread is awesome & there is so much to mine from the AD2000 comics. Hmmm I've just been given an idea.

  2. Heya Needles, I agree the AD2000 comics are a wealth of ideas, and most Americans are not familiar with them, so the ideas will seem fresh and new to most of my gamers.
    Glad to have inspired that really what my blog is about!
    Good Gaming!