Sunday, April 23, 2023

Rise of Magic, Rifts Chaos Earth

 I recently picked up Rise of Magic, a Rifts Chaos Earth;RPG Sourcebook.  It was a great price and the cover was so cool I couldn't resist.

     While I'm not currently running a Chaos Earth game, or Rifts, or even a Palladium System game, I have a soft spot for Palladium's content, especially Rifts.  I ran a wild and crazy Rifts campaign back in the 90's.  We had a blast with it, Mega-Damage, hatchling dragons, Bursters! power armor!  Was loads of fun.  I still think the Rifts setting is one of my favorites, you can do anything with it and customize the game to meet you and your players needs.  Now the system, well it is dated, but at the time we enjoyed it.  

     So where does that leave me now?  All of the Palladium stuff is a gold mine of material to use in your games. I am running a D&D game right now, and believe it or not, I have some ideas/abilities that I will be pulling from this book for some NPC's and encounters.  I have a player that has gamed as long as I have, and has a vast knowledge of the D&D "verse" monsters, spells, magic, so I love pulling in content from other non-D&D sources to put in my campaign to keep the players guessing and on their toes.

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