Monday, April 10, 2023

Carnage of the Apes!

I had a appointment today that took me near a comic shop I used to frequent.  I used to really get into comics "back in the day", but for various reasons (cost being one) I haven't bought much in the way of comics in quite some time.  Anyway, I had a few extra minutes so went into the comic shop.  I spotted the below issue on the shelf and got excited.

Unfortunately, the Apes were just on the cover and had nothing to do with the content.  I think this was a missed opportunity.  Apparently Marvel has the Planet of the Apes license again and are doing variant Ape related covers on their main comic lines to promote it.  Personally, I think it would be really cool to have Carnage "zapped" through a portal and end up in The Forbidden Zone!  Imagine the Cat (er I mean Carnage) and Mouse games of him hunting down Soldier Apes in the ruins! Would make for a fun and entertaining one shot story-line.  Maybe could adapt this to an Apes Victorious or Mutant Future game. Personally I love pulling in stuff from all kinds of sources for my games, that's one of the things I especially love about the OSR, you can really mix and match, tweak and adapt all kinds of things to make the sort of campaign you and your group really want.


  1. I agree with all the sentiments expressed in this post.

    You ever try splicing Apes Victorious with Mutant Future?
    ; )

    1. Thanks JB! Appreciate you dropping by and commenting. I've considered trying to splice the two but never have.