Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stars Without Number : Duckworlders

Here's one that I had alot of fun doing.  For those who don't know my gaming style, I like to inject a little bit of humor and craziness into my games.  I try not to take things too seriously. Sure I can and do run some grim and gritty games, but its fun to laugh too.  So for those who are so inclined to add a little zanyiness to your Space Campaigns I present the Duckworlders!

Lenses: Adaptable, Adventurous
Government: Representative Democracy
Technology Level: 3 (comparable to 1970's Era Earth)
Motivation: Leisure (a cold beer, a cheap cigar and the latest issue of Playduck)
     Duckworlders or "Ducks" as most other races call them are 3 foot tall anthropomorphic ducks! They average around 40-50 lbs. and their body is covered in feathers which are usually white or yellow (other colors are possible, but rare), they have webbed feet and a duck bill (complete with teeth). Ducks are an adaptable race and can function quite well in the societies and cultures of other races and peoples, although many can come across as rather  "grouchy" & irritable". Some Ducks refer to humans as "hairless apes", but not all ducks are quite so rude. On their own world, they tend to not wear pants, but have learned that when interacting with humans and other races trousers are for some reason considered mandatory.
     Most Ducks are content to go about their everyday lives living, loving, eating, drinking and smoking, but a significant portion of the population has an adventurous streak. These are the ones most likely to be encountered by other races. Even though they lack long distance space travel many can be found hitching rides on the spaceships of other races, off to find their next adventure and a cold beer.
     Most races, humans in particular, assume that Ducks being Ducks are naturally adept swimmers. This is not necessarily the case; there are many Duckworlders that can't swim at all! They have to be taught the skill like most everyone else.

     Some Duckworlders, in particular the more adventurous ones, have developed their own martial arts style, "Quak Fu" that takes advantage of their size and stature, allowing them to take on opponents much larger than themselves. 

Duckworlder PC's

Hardy- In spite of their size (or perhaps because of it) Duckworlders are a hardy and tenacious race. PC Ducks must have at least a 14 constitution. Ability scores are generated normally.
Lucky Duck- Ducks often find themselves caught up in circumstances bigger than themselves, relying on their "pluckiness" some would say "duckiness" to see them through. They get +2 on all Luck based saves.
If a Duck finds himself in a really tight situation he can use his bill/beak for a bite attack doing 1d3 pts. damage. They very seldom resort to this, but will use it in desperate situations.
Insulating Feathers- their feathers help insulate them from cold/wet conditions and when a physical save is required under such conditions they get a +2 bonus to their rolls.
Hold Breath-even though they can't swim any better than humans they can hold their breath for a bit longer than the average human, they can go without air for 5 minutes + their Con bonus and do not have this shortened when doing strenuous activity such as swimming.

Obviously based on Howard the Duck from Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement is intended.

First Appearance: Adventure into Fear #19 (1973)


  1. Cool race! I remember reading Howard the Duck comics when I was a little kid. This would be a blast to play.

  2. Thanks, I had alot of fun with this one. I actually would like to play one myself! LOL