Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simian Saturday : Barsoom Edition!


  1. BB - those are some nice images, man. Me and my buddy are going to see John Carter next weekend. Can't wait!

  2. show the love for the white ape of barsoom

    Incredibly strong and “hairless except for an enormous shock of bristly hair upon its head . . . The thing which more resembled our earthly men than it did the (green) Martians I had seen, held me pinioned to the ground with one foot, while it jabbered and gesticulated at some answering creature behind me. The other, which was evidently its mate, soon came toward us, bearing a mighty stone cudgel with which it evidently intended to brain me. . .
    The creatures were about ten to fifteen feet tall, standing erect, and had like the green Martian, an intermediary set of arms or legs, midway between the upper and lower limbs. Their eyes were close together and non-protruding; their ears were high set, but more laterally located than those of the Martians, while their snouts and teeth were striking like those of our African gorilla.” (PM, VI-VII)

    White apes are accomplished hunters that are skilled at climbing and infiltration. Stalking the sun-bleached ancient cities of the dead sea bottoms, by day or night, they are encountered alone or in pairs. They are the only monster upon Barsoom that can arouse fear in the hearts of the green Martian. White ape herds are also found in the forests of the Valley Dor. They are cunning adversaries and will retreat if an opponent is too well armed or too numerous.

    Daring performers have used these beasts to entertain audiences, but white apes are incapable of full domestication and are always dangerous.

    White apes are a primitive species that neither build shelters nor make fires, but they do have a rudimentary language. They use crude tools, but are incapable of using most weapons and armor ; however, there are rare tribes of apes that have reached TL I ,
    wearing animal skins and using primitive tools. . . (TMM, XI)

  3. George Thanks! Wife and I say it today really enjoyed it!
    Clovis I guess you are on cloud 9 with John Carter in the theatres!