Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mid South Con!

I've been quiet of late, but believe it or not I've been gaming my Butt off! Woo Hoo!
This weekend is Mid South Con in Memphis! I took Friday off from work and have spent the whole weekend doing non-stop gaming!  I've had a blast! I don't have many pictures to show you because frankly I was having so much fun that I forgot about taking pictures. LOL
Friday I got to join in my buddy Boomer's awesome Imperials vs. Rebels tabletop game!
The Rebels managed to get into better tactial position and sadly it was not a good day for the Imperials! LOL

Even though my side lost, I still had a ton of fun!
Next up I got to get into some OLD School Gaming with an old friend of mine who came into town for the Con and one of the players was an old buddy I used to game with but haven't been able to in a long time, due to work and such.
Yeah, good stuff, the DM took us through the Classic B4: Lost City! Our group was a mixture of old Grognards like me and young folks.  It was fun watching the youngsters try to get their head around D&D with no Feats, Skills or..."Shifting". The Cleric repeatedly said,"Why can't I cast a healing spell?!!!" We accomplished our goal in the time allowed, though we lost several party members in the process. Old School D&D is Brutal!  Especially with folks who don't quite get the whole "Teamwork" concept.  It was great fun to go through this classic game/module. I really appreciate Todd running this for us!
And speaking of Brutal...

I finally got to play Dungeon Crawl Classics!  My wife even joined in this one with me.  Another old buddy of mine ran this one.  I think I ran into more gaming buddies from my past at this Con than at any other. Good Times.
DCC RPG is pretty interesting.  We played zero level characters "The Funnel" I believe is what it is called.  My wife wasn't sure about running 4 characters at once but she quickly got into it.  The characters were basically lowly peasant smucks an were dropping like flies! The party had lost 2 by the second room and another was injured! LOL  By the end of the adventure we had lost TEN characters!!! I managed to keep three of my four alive and my wife lost 2 of her four, it was alot of fun.  We didn't use the new dice types too much: d24 etc.. but I'm definately gonna pick this up when it comes out. The crit tables alone are awesome!  My wife admitted after the game that she really like the "Funnel" concept and would definately be up to playing DCC again.  I think she will be playing "Helgestus the Armorer" Now a first level fighter again for sure!
   That's it for now, I picked up some pretty cool swag, Some Sword & Sorcery Comics, a book of Encounters, Synnibar!!, and some other stuff.  I'll try to post about that later, gotta go do some chores now while their is still some weekend left.  I hope you get to get some gaming in this weekend.  I gotta say, the past two days of Nerdom have really re-ignited my excitement over gaming.
Have a great day!