Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crypts & Things has arrived!!

Jobs got me pretty busy but I wanted to stop and say my print edition of Crypts and Things has finally arrived!
 I've been looking forward to getting the dead tree version of this for awhile now. I really like this Sword & Wizardry variant, the whole Sword & Sorcery vibe it exhudes really works for me!  I mean EVERYONE can Backstab! How cool is that!
 I've got a few beasties in mind that I may have to stat up and post for this! Good Stuff!


  1. WHaaahoo! Looking forward to your material & what your thoughts on it are!

  2. Hey Needles!
    I'm really loving it so far!

  3. Back stabbing should be available to any character class, seems silly not to really? Admittedly, not everyone would be so skilled in stealth to attack their victim without warning, or even deliver a killing blow, but hell, give folks a chance, at least.

    Enjoy :)

    Kind regards