Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Building the Sandbox!

First you need the right tools!


  1. Hey, I recognize that Grenadier Monster Manuscript! I bought the box of minis it was attached to just to get the book. Man, I really loved that one as a kid.

  2. Thanks everyone.
    Justin you are correct, its a great little book from back in the day!

  3. I can identify a few of these, and I even have a few, but just what do you have there? I'm currently building my own "toolkit" of useful books (Blame Vornheim, one of the single most useful books I've ever purchased) and am curious what you are using/think is useful.

  4. Hey Greg! First thanks for commenting and reading my blog!
    I love Vornheim, I just wish it were not so small! My EYES!!!
    Anyway I went through my collection with the concept of building a Sword & Sorcery Sandbox Campaign setting to use with Crypts & Things. I wanted a break from Tolkien/Forgotten Realms Fantasy and wanted something more barbaric but not straight Conan. That stack is what I pulled out from my collection that seemed to work for me. Hope that helps. Thanks again!