Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something with Gunz!

     My darned Gamer ADD is kicking in again.  I'm currently running a "traditional" fantasy Castles & Crusades game on alternating Sundays (which has been alot of fun!) but lately I've had a hankering to run something different.  Yesterday's post   made me want to do this even more!  Something with magic, tech, different races...and most of all...Something with Guns!...
Heck I think that might be my working title for the Campaign/game.  "Something with Gunz!" LOL.
     I ever so briefly looked through some Rifts stuff...shudder...sorry but I just don't have the patience for hour(s) long character generation anymore, not to mention the combat, the system ..ok stopping that rant now. Onward with the topic/purpose of this post.
 Taking inspiration from yesterday's post, the premise of the players being mercs working for a Faustian organization looting other worlds and dimensions for arcane relics and tech just really appeals to me.  Course I need to narrow down the mechanic... yeah something OSR = "Oh Sh*t Run!" based, but wow there's a whole world of options out there for Old Grognards like me to use now.  Yesterday I was leaning towards the really fun X-plorers RPG but BlUsKrEEm has me rethinking this...Darn you BlUsKrEEm! ; )
X-plorers may not be gritty enough for my purposes...
Terminal Space has an awesome simple approach...just tacking on some basic tech stuff to good old D&D and it would readily allow me to plug in magic based characters. But I'm still trying to decide.  Blair has the awesome Planet Algol campaign based off of "regular" AD&D. I'm a big fan of Labyrinth Lord but I prefer Ascending AC....and don't really care for race as class...
 Hmmmm, I don't really see the need to make this a heavily skill based game, combat will be rough so no reason to have the players spend alot of time rolling up replacement characters...heh heh heh..
This could be done as one shots, go through the portal grab the stuff and bail! or a campaign or even a string of one shots tied together with the same background...."Everyone remember what happened to Skelter Squad not to mention the Crimson Cadre?!"  The hardened mercs all gave a shudder at the memory of the TPK's err the massacres at the Rim of Hell.
Hmmm...well no rush on deciding the mechanic just yet.  I've got time to think about this one some more. And with my notorious Gamer ADD I'm sure I'll change my mind a few times before settling on something.
Meanwhile after finding the issue of Warheads I went on to find a free online strip set in the same setting. It's called Loose Cannons.
It's an all female team and you can read the issues here! I really like the character Sister Sphynx!
I see her being some sort of Cleric worshipping the Egyptian Pantheon with some psionic abilities!   Oh yeah!  Once I finalize the system I'll get her stat'd up for sure.  You know Carcosa has a great Psionics system that would be perfect for....hmmmm....well off to do some reading.
Have a great evening and thanks for reading my ramblings.


  1. Carcosa also has a great random alien technology generator, robotic generator, etc.

  2. Oh yeah & everything you want to know about Mys-tech guys can be found here http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix2/mystechuk.htm

  3. Hey Needles! Yeah I plan on using the alien tech and robotic generators from Carcosa a good bit!
    I'm heavily using that link, thanks! I really appreciate your comments, wasn't sure if folks would be interested in this line of thought!
    As you would say..."More to come!" ; )

  4. All my thoughts about this subject are here

  5. Great post Needles! Thanks for sharing! Maybe we can collaborate on some stuff!