Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High Praise for Zogorion!

I recently picked up the Zogorion Lord of the Hippogriffs zine/module!

Gotta say this is a great product, can't believe it was only $2.00 which includes shipping!
You can get it here. You can easily plug this into most Fantasy campaigns.  I can see myself using it in conjunction with some of the great sandbox stuff Christian has put out recently.


  1. OK, that settles it! I need me a copy.

  2. Me, too. Just grabbed one. Looks interesting. Thanks.

  3. Yep George get one. It's very good and a lot of fun.

    Although I have to say, sometimes when I get adventures like this one I wish I didn't get it and someone else did so I could adventure through it and being surprised by everything. Then buy it.