Saturday, February 25, 2012

WormGate Runners! Was Something with Gunz part 2 or is it 3?

     I'm continuing to work on my "Something with Gunz!" Campaign concept although as of this moment I'm going with the working title of WormGate Runners.  I've apparently inspired Needles over at the Swords & Stitchery blog to post some of his thoughts about this as well.  He ran a similar based game years ago.  Great minds think alike I suppose. I think its great how the blogosphere allows us to share and build on one anothers ideas! Good Stuff!  : )
Anyways tossing around some ideas I was thinking about referring to the Wormholes/portals that the groups use as Wormgates? hence the title WormGate Runners...still considering ideas.

  I've abandoned the idea of using the X-plorers RPG for this, I want something a bit more D&Dish. Still working on things but at this point I'm gonna use psionics, random alien tech and random robot generation from Carcosa, Terminal Space for the well "Space" stuff, Lovecraftian beasties from both sources, ya never know just what the Hell is on the other side of that Wormgate!  Loot mutations and stuff from Mutant Future as needed (you come upon a foul smelling herd of Xeno Cattle! yuck!).  Still narrowing down the specific OSR system to tie it all together, I haven't decided yet but its getting close.  I will be using a couple of NON-OSR Products though...*GASP*...a shudder ripples through the blogosphere.
A couple of 3.0 products actually!...One by none other than Monty Cook himself! 
I'm talking about Chaositech!

Here's the blurb about this book,
"Chaos Rules!

     This unique sourcebook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook introduces chaos-powered items that resemble both technology and magic, but are truly neither. Within these pages, discover the secrets of devices like the cohesion blaster, the darkness imbiber, and chaosomatons.
     Chaositech also contains rules for chaos magic, including dozens of new spells, plus lots of original feats and prestige classes. Topping it off are chaos cults, mutation rules, plus the Galchutt, the fused aberration, and other all-new chaotic monsters."

Hope I don't lose my Grognard cred by using this one, No I won't be using Feats, AoO, or Prestige Classes, but there is still alot of stuff to loot and pillage, I'll just toss out the icky 3.x stuff that I don't need. 

And finally (for this post at least) I'll be using a great gaming product from my 3.0 Dragonstar gaming days that I never got to use... I want guns in this campaign but I want unusual and interesting guns I want Techno-Magic Guns! I'm gonna use Arsenal!
The blurb, "Technomagic: Arsenal intensifies your d20 campaign with the following equipment:

· Over 200 magical firearms, from the arcane blaster pistol to the divine vindicator autocannon, modifiable by 11 special abilities and 10 accessories. · 8 different types of advanced magical armor.
· 36 special abilities for armor.
· 12 specific suits of armor, from Blisskin designer gowns to the divine Paragon Battle Suit.
· Over 100 different types of grenades, explosives, launchers, missiles and rockets.
· Combat rules options, additions, and suggestions for maximizing your lethality with the new equipment."
 Here's an example of one of the weapons from this book:
                               Calefactor Heavy Machine Gun!
This godgun focuses holy power into a ray of solar brilliance, emitting a blast of light that sears like the hottest fire accompanied by a loud sizzling sound. The calefactor is the only divine weapon that is commonly found without signature technology restricting the user. Gods opposed to the undead graciously permit anyone to use their weaponry to destroy such beings. Calefactors focus the purifying light of the sun and inflict greater damage against undead.

 Anyways that's all for now.  Thanks for reading my crazy rant!  -B.


  1. I own both of those. However if you really want a feel for the Chaostech in space thing I would suggest another Monte Cook product that proceeded Chaostech by a number of years called Dark Space

  2. Chaositech and Arsenal are both excellent books. I also recommend the companion book, Factory.

  3. Needles your right that is a good one!
    Tetsubo I forgot to mention Factory! *doh*! : )