Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simian Saturday

Special Thanks to Trey for bringing this cool picture to my attention!
 "She who must be Obeyed!" and I are going shopping today. Maybe I can work up a concept behind these guys while I'm out and about.  Their canes and coats give them an air of importance or self-importance...   The Lords of Simian City or some such? Hmmmm... something to ponder! 
I hope everyone has a Great Simian Saturday!
Thanks again Trey!


  1. Reminds me of the Beetles or "Monkies" er...

    I really like the style of the title font.

    btw awesome series, please never stop!

  2. That looks like an album cover. What secret mysteries does its vinyl contain?!!!!

  3. Those three in the frock coats are three hip simians.

    Glad I could help.

  4. "Sci Fi Drama: Monkey's Army"
    "Music File"

    I might have to see if I can track that down on a Japanese torrent site!

  5. Brotherhood of the Ape - A world spanning organization of those who evolved along side of us & are helping to make sure we don't blow ourselves up! They come from an alternative world where mankind is a shadow of itself. They have moved to the fore front of Simian Technology. Prepare yourselves for days of High Simian Adventure in a more refined genre. Welcome To the Brotherhood of the Ape!
    Basically they fight crime & do it with style & guts.
    They're world is 60s technology with a 1900 mad science bent.