Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lots Of Goodies Now On LuLu

Lot's of cool stuff has recently been made available via Lulu!
The way cool Terminal Space, a new Space Based OSR product Seeded Space, and on the Fantasy Front
Sorcery & Super Science has released a plethora of their Advanced Adventures line via Lulu! This is great news for folks like me that prefer book in hand as to PDF. 
And don't forget about the other great products that continue to be released! Too many to list here, which is awesome for an OSR guy like me! Woo Hoo! And no I'm not here to talk about 5E.
*Edit* Can't believe I forgot to mention Trey's Uber Cool! Weird Adventures now available in Hardback or Softcover!! (I know its on RPGNow and not Lulu).