Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Loviatar Zine Goodness!!

Just got Issue #7 of Loviatar in the mail.  Another great issue from Christian.  I really feel like Christian is hitting his stride with this series.  They have all been great, but his run on the Hexcrawl/Sandbox series is spot on! Anyways if you haven't checked this out yet I encourage you to do so.  Good Stuff! 


  1. Loviatar, Maiden of Pain? From the old Deities and Demigods book? Cool, I'll have to check it out just for the name. :)

  2. Nice! I am definitely feeling the hex crawl. Instead of focusing on one big project, the hexes allow the work to be divided into lots of little bits. I am glad you enjoyed the issue. I will be sure to shoot you #6, which I believe I still owe you.

    Rock on,

  3. Holy crap! How do you get yours so fast???

  4. I agree with you Bill, the hex series is a ton of fun. The whole zine is just great to get. Reupped my script.

  5. LuckyJoe, yep that's the one.
    Christian! Thanks looking forward to it!
    Matt just lucky I guess. : )
    Tim I hear ya! : )