Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thanks Tetsubo!

 I wanted to send out a special thanks to Tetsubo,
He read my recent posts about my discovery of the old Star Wars D6 system and sent me several D6 Star Wars books he had...just because!  How cool is that!  
One in particular that I had been looking for was in the stack he sent:

I tip my hat to Tetsubo and all the cool gamers out there!  I've sent folks stuff when I could and have been given stuff like the above. Although, I believe I've received more than I've given (hmm need to work on that!)  : )  Anyways, I know bloggers can be a bit cranky and opinionated at times, but there are some genuinely great and giving people out there.  I appreciate being part of this community. 
Good Gaming!  - Bill


  1. That is awesome. I tip my hat to Tetsubo as well.

    Your post about picking up the D6 book, I decided to get mine out. Great stuff.

  2. Glad that there was something in the lot that is useful.

  3. You lucky man. That's just about the best D^ Star Wars supplement I reckon West End games ever produced (with the possible exception of the old DarkStryder campaign).