Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Dyn; A race of Femme Fatales for your Labyrinth Lord Campaigns

After reading the recent review on Grognardia about the Anomalous Subsurface Environment Megadungeon/mini-setting for Labyrinth Lord, I of course had to order it along with Jeff Rients Miscellaneum of Cinder (the two seemed like a great match), I dug out my Labyrinth Lord books and on a whim stat'd up this race.  Bear in mind I'm not a race as class kinda guy, I'm following the LL AEC process with races.
So without further ado I present...
The Dyn

Requirements: DEX 9, CHA 9
Ability Modifiers: STR-1, DEX +1
     Dyn are an attractive all female race of humanoids, with chalk white skin, jet black hair and red eyes. Some sages claim they are related to elves, but more likely they are a sub-race of humans. To reproduce they seek mates amongst humans, elves, and half-elves the offspring of such unions are always Dyn. Upon reaching their 11th birthday all Dyn join The Sisterhood a mysterious organization that indoctrinates these women into the arts of battle and seduction. The Sisterhood produces the world's most notorious femme fatales. It is during this time that they are also trained in the use of the Shivring the traditional weapon of The Sisterhood.
     Special Abilities: Seduction- Dyn are trained extensively in the arts of seduction, when engaged in combat with a member of the opposite sex (or female of an alternate persuasion) her opponent may be distracted. If the Dyn has at least a full round of interaction (verbal interplay, striking provocative poses etc.) her foe must save versus spell or be at -2 to attack rolls while combating these vixens.

     Shivring : damage: 1d6+1, can also be used as a ranged/thrown weapon, if the Dyn forgoes her attack for that round and opts instead to use the Shivring to parry, her AC is improved by -2 as long as she is parrying with her Shivring. Often the Dyn will parry with her opponent during initial combat round while distracting him with her feminine wiles, and then when he is suitably distracted she moves in for the kill. The Shivring is a difficult weapon to master, each Dyn feels a special attachment to her Shivring and if it is ever lost or stolen she is at -1 to all attacks until it is recovered or replaced.
                     A Dyn with her Shivring at ready, art is by Ringo         

Adapted from the Tellos Comic Series


  1. Hell ya, exactly what I need for an upcoming game of Human Space Empires! We have the technology to adapt this!

  2. Thanks Needles, great idea, may need to tweak these "ladies" for Stars Without Number!

  3. Nice one Bill. I'm curious to see a SWN version.

  4. Thanks Dave, it's on my to do list, got a few other SWN items to finish up first. ; )