Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simian Saturday : Oh my Eyes, make it stop!!!

Some time ago I posted pictures of Kongzilla. There was speculation about how such a merging of ape and reptile came about... I now have proof of the true horror that led to the creation of Kongzilla...
Caution the below picture is not for the faint of heart! ; )

My wife sent me this and said, I've found the perfect picture for your blog for Simian Saturday! 
Oh My!!! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Cheesy 1960s movie trailer voice over,"They love knew no bounds! Come with us now into the heart of...........Monster Love! "

  2. Oh yah Kongzilla is awesome!

  3. Per the canon, Godzilla himself actually died at the end of the orginal film. The sequel to the original--Gigantis, The Fire Monster--introduced a second beast...who was actually female.

    This means that every Godzilla film until the franchise reboot in '89 featured a she-beast, who certainly could have had a dalliance with Kong...!

  4. Oh, I know thats so wrong but it's AWESOME!

  5. Need to save this photo for
    Valentine's Day !