Sunday, June 19, 2011

Resources for P.A. Games : SCOUT

While browsing at my local Comic shop recently I came across this:
It's a guidebook to the early 80's comic series by Timothy Truman.  I must admit I don't recall this series, from that time, but it looks really cool.  I picked this up, it was only $2, has several maps, character bios and some equipment from the series.  Truman even mentions in the intro that he did this handbook partly from talking to RPG'ers at various Con's over the years. 
The setting is in Western Post Apocalyptic America, where it wasn't bombs that destroyed the U.S. but instead a slow painful series of disasters, economic downturns and other general backslides.  A second Civil War has occured. I see alot of lootable ideas for my P.A. Games.  The central character; Scout is an Apache ex-Ranger waging a war against the corrupt Government of New America.  It seems more Road Warrior than Gamma World (no mutants and such), so should be a great resource for those of you playing Atomic Highway, but I can see borrowing ideas from it for different games.
Anyways just thought I'd share.
Happy Father's Day to everyone! 


  1. Whoa! I didn't know they ever did a Scout handbook. I'm gonna have to track that down.

  2. Scout was a great series, one of my favorites from that time period.

    Of course, it's no surprise that Truman was thinking in part of gamers when he put that book together, given that he was an artist for TSR back in the day.

  3. Great Book & its a pretty awesome series if you don't mind the POA imagery ala Twilight 2000. Scout has very cool things going for it & there are mythological elements in the books.Scout is a Native American who is "called" to serve a higher power in ridding the world of "evil". It has some supernatural feel to it, and it takes place in a desolate America. The first story Arc "The Four Monsters" remains my favorite.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm not a fan of superhero comics, as they are overplayed, and overrated. I tend to gravitate to more obscure titles.

    I have been to a comic book shop recently - I found it by accident - that has a large discount bin, with shelf-warmer issues for 25¢ each, so I have been buying a dozen or a score at a time! With many in plastic covers, its a real crap-shoot. Finding titles that post-apocalyptic (or good for that matter) is not easy, but I found a neat comic called The Last Generation (#1,4&5) which is VARY Gamma World is style. If folks dont know about it, Brutorz as an article on this blog about it - you can find more, by Googling it.

    By the way, I have been find some great Eclipse comics out there - at comic shops, and online.

  5. Thanks for all the comments everyone.
    Malcadon, funny about the Last Generation comic, my wife went to high school with the main artist/writer of that series, we still see him at the local Con. I tell him how popular The Last Generation still is. I don't think he believes me.