Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nerd Sunday Success! Labyrinth Lord Style!

     I just got in from my very first session DMing (or should I say Labyrinth Lording?) the new Labyrinth Lord group.  You may recall I recently put together a flyer looking for players.  Well today was our first session!  I had a blast and I think everyone else did as well.  Folks were really getting into the Old School vibe.  I slipped into some 3.xisms a couple of times but got better as we played. Two folks couldn't make it and one was a no show, but I still had 4 great players in attendance.  One guy, smiled and said  this IS ROLE-Playing not ROLL-Playing!  I couldn't agree more! The player who played Autumnus and I have been trying to get together and game for a year now, I hope he had as much fun as I did. 

The Cast:
Nim & Min : human "merchants" (read Assassins) twin brothers
Oliver the half-elf thief
Autumnus the elf magic user
They had a couple of NPC's a henchman Ranger who didn't talk much named "Injun Joe" and a hireling,of sorts, Skippy the Halfling, who talked too much.
The party arrived in the northern town (formerly city) of Threshold in the Black Peaks region and met over drinks at the Shady Dragon Inn.  Oliver attempted to woo a fetching lass ( a robed mystery woman with a black cat) by buying her cat soup! (he had a wisdom of 4), she was more confused than anything else.  Oliver then made the mistake of chatting with a group of halflings ( The Callowtoe Clan? Gang?) long story for another day. They eventually (after flattering Ebenezer the Old) gained an audience with Belrain the Sword_Singer the local authority and got a job to recon a ruined moathouse and possibly clear out any bandits or monsters therein. Knowing they were short of muscle and not great in the wilds, Nim or was in Min? Spent a good bit of gold hiring the skilled tracker "Injun Joe", this helped them avoid what would have been some tough wilderness encounters.  They did a great job infiltrating the ruined moathouse, well everyone but Skippy, and through stealth, trickery, guile and alot of luck got inside, killed or drove away several brigands, killed a bugbear and made their way down below through an old secret door that Autumnus detected. We were supposed to wrap up at 6 but everyone wanted to keep going so we squeezed in another hour, which allowed enough time for the Assassin, I mean "merchant" Min (or was it Nim?) to assassinate an ogre while the ogre was attempting to relieve itself (Gnomes cause diarrhea don't ya know).
The wild thing is no one died!  Well no one but Skippy (he was eaten by a giant frog just outside the moathouse). There were a few close calls, but the party (veteran gamers, though some were new to Old School) played smart throughout the day and accomplished alot! 
Course they still have to get out of the dungeon alive and deal with the pissed off Callowtoe Halflings.
All in all a great day!  Good to be gaming again!


  1. Sounds like fun. Congratulations on getting the game going.

  2. Very nice! Long live Nerd Sunday!

  3. Indigestible gnomes should be a LL house rule (survival of the sickliest?)

  4. Jealous congratulations to you brother!

    It's good to game nearly every week, but sometimes I think I'd trade my weekly tabletop mecha-miniature carnage for a steady every other week R P freaking G!!

    Sounds like you have some good fun vets playing..awesome.

  5. I love that even the creation of this game was "old school". Posting a flyer at the FLGS.

  6. Good times! I always love to hear about successful gaming sessions.

  7. Sounds great. If you don't mind my asking, where did you find that image of the Adventurers standing in line for the recruiter that you used at the top? I'd like to use that to make something similar to what you've done to use for my next signup sheet.

  8. I had a blast! I have some more thoughts, and I'll shoot you an email with them. But, my character's name is "Otimus". I should have made a little table tent card with the name written on it...

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! Looks like I mispelled some of the characters names, I'll have to fix that!
    Malakor, I think I got it from the old Rules Compendium, I went through my whole collection to look for suitable recruitment pics and that one jumped out at me.
    Good Gaming!

  10. Good for you! Congrats on getting a game going!

  11. Malakor, sorry it was the Rules Cyclopedia not the Rules Compendium, gettin old I guess.
    Mikemonaco, Thanks!
    labsenpai, I may just have to make gnomes the equivalent of Mexican Food for Monsters in my Campaign! LOL