Friday, October 15, 2010

I love Minis!!

 My name is Brutorz Bill and I'm a minis-aholic.  I love collecting Miniatures.  28mm, 15mm,  terrain, toys that can be used as minis, more and more...and...
Ok...sorry lost myself for a moment.
Anyways I resisted buying minis for awhile. It was hard but I did it. Then Christian over at Destination Unknown started posted his latest minis purchases, and that itch of mine just had to be scratched!
I went out to Miniatures Market found a ton of prepainted minis for as low as .25 cents! 
Here's what the mail man brought me yesterday:

Sorry for the blurry pics but you get the idea.  All of these were under a dollar each, and many were in the .25-.35 cents range. Mostly Star Wars, Hero clix and Horro clix but they work just fine for my gaming purposes! Some will work better with Mutant Future than Labyrinth Lord but for .25 cents ya can't lose! At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL
Anyways gotta run, I have to go sort my minis! 


  1. Awesome! I love MM too, and it helps that most of the ones I go for are pretty cheap.

  2. Yeah, I've been buying a lot of cheap Star Wars minis for Gamma World / MF too. The bounty hunters are especially great for PCs!

  3. Awesome! Give in to the cravings, brother!