Friday, October 15, 2010

Jurassic Reich & Hamster Berserkers!

Here's another quick post about miniatures today!
While surfing the net I found these!

WWII Germans mounted on Dinosaurs!  Oh my Stars and Garters!!! They are from Eureka Miniatures.
These look soo cool and while I'll admit Pulp isn't necessarily my first game of choice, I see these as being perfect for Mutant Future, Encounter Critical and  all kinds of other games, in addition to pulp! 
You could even have them fight these guys!! Hamster Berserkers!!!
Just released by On the lamb games.

Man I love this hobby!
Hmmm now where did I put my debit card....


  1. OK those germans on the dinos is absolutely cool!

  2. I thought so too ArmChairGeneral. There is a US distributor also, so that makes it even sweeter.

  3. care to go in on a deal Bill? Let me know!

  4. They have Germans on flying dinos too.

  5. Now I am scared,
    giant hamsters with axes
    retribution for the sins of my youth

  6. Clovis,

    You might enjoy this -

    It is my artistic rendition of my daughter making her pet hamster into a Mutant Future character.


  7. ACG, what did ya have in mind?
    Eli, I had forgotten about "Cheeks" : )

  8. I've passed the DinoNazi link onto Scott Wegener, the artist behind Atomic Robo. He has both dinosaurs & Nazis in his comic...

  9. Excellent Tetsubo, isn't there an Atomic Robo RPG for Savage Worlds in the works? Those minis should fit right in! : )

  10. Scott decided to switch to the Cortex system. The one they used for Buffy. I have no idea why. I don't know where the project is at this point. I know diddly about Cortex. I really need to read it. So many gaming books, so little time. I have one more in the review pipe and I am reading HARP at the moment. I am also working on a solo PF game for my wife.

  11. Hmmm, that's disappointing. I don't know Cortex, I know I like Savage Worlds. I'm looking forward to the Darwin's World release for Savage Worlds.
    Hope the PF game with your wife goes well.