Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warlords of the Apocalypse

I was just out and about doing my Sunday morning internet browsing and found this!

Can you believe all the P.A. RPG's out or coming out these days! WOW!
You can find more info about it here.
While I've found Pathfinder to be a bit rules heavy from my lazy er.. I mean busy DM perspective (though not as bad as 3.5), I've still gotta admit I am tempted by this. 
The blurb mentions,"Guidelines for bringing your existing Pathfinder characters into this setting, or creating native characters", Sounds pretty cool!  I remember the old conversion charts in my AD&D DMG for converting your D&D characters to Boot Hill and Gamma World. I've still got my pdf copy of Freeform Anthropomorphica  (which is currently not availble, pending a revision and legal use art) to make up some interesting mutant animals.
Hmmm...things to ponder.  : )


  1. That's cool! Did you notice this line, in the advert?

    Plus, best of all: No card-gaming element added!

  2. Looks interesting, though I share your reservations about Pathfinder.

  3. James@ I did see that! ; ) I've avoided mentioning the upcoming product it is referring to on my blog... While I LOVE Gamma World (obvious from my handle "Brutorz"), I am soo leery of the latest WotC incarnation of GW for 4E.
    Trey@ yeah, I have actually played and ran Pathfinder, had fun BUT it is quite time consuming to stat up NPC's (at least compared to LL/MF) and I found us referring to the rulebooks alot during games, which I loathe doing.