Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheap Terrain "Mat"

My wife "decided" that "we" needed to go to the fabric store today.  Gee...uh...yeah...err...ummm...ok...errr..  Anyways while she shopped I found myself wandering aimlessly, then I got an idea, actually my bud Eli had suggested it to me awhile ago, but I had forgotten.  You see I very much am into minis, I haven't posted much about minis in awhile, my camera is lousy on small pics and we just haven't gotten a new one. But for the past year and a half I have fully jumped on the 15mm Sci Fi minis bandwagon! My wife doesn't mind cause they are waay cheaper than 28mm and take up a fraction of the space. Anyways I've needed some kinda mat to game on for awhile now, my black tablecloth with dragons while cool for D&D type gaming just doesn't work for "serious" tabletop wargaming.  : )
 I have a green one I bought in the train section at the local Hobby Shop but the green stuff flakes off everywhere after just minimal play.  I've priced terrain mats on-line and they can be kinda pricey, Eli suggested I use fabric. I thought "cool".  Then promptly forgot about it, until today.  I immediately started searching and found...
Great thickness and a nice desert/dirt color...and as an added bonus it was in the cheapo remnant pile!
It was the perfect size for my table, without any cutting or measuring required!
Above and below are some of my painted up desert buildings I recently got from The Scene.
The light brown bikes are from RAFM's 15mm Sci Fi line. I believe they are now OOP.
Your probably thinking "eh no biggee", but I was happy to get this, it cost me just a few bucks, works fine for my  purposes and I got bonus points for going with my wife to the fabric store! 
I've ordered the AE-Bounty rules and my buddy Boomer has agreed to help me try them out!
More to come...


  1. Great find. I like going to the fabric store for that very reason-- looking at the felt, vinyls etc. I bought some canvas to screen print hexagonal geomorphs on, but sort of got sidetracked on that project. Anyway, have fun with the new score.

  2. Any idea what sort of material it is? Looks almost like some sort of fake suede?

  3. Thanks guys.
    artbraune I do believe it is a kinda faux suede. I've gotten to game on it since this post and it has worked out great! Thanks for asking. : )

  4. It does look great; I've been searching the web for a cheaper alternative to "professionally" made game mats. I've used stuff from fabric stores before, but the one you scored looks really good. Best, Dean

  5. Thanks Dean! I need to dust off my minis!