Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mini-Six is Cool!

      While I've been a gamer "forever" (1979 I'm lookin' at you!), and have played alot of different RPG's, I must admit I never really got in on the d6 bandwagon.  I played the original Star Wars d6 a couple of times with some friends (hey Wes), but not in a campaign per se, and have never ran anything d6.  I had some of the Star Wars and Torg books but I only used them as source material for my other games. 
I recently heard some talk about something called Mini-Six.  I thought oh yeah that's part of that whole Open d6 gaming movement/stuff, but didn't really look into it.  My bud Eli has even mentioned several times in discussion how cool the d6 system is. I "nodded" politely then went on about my business. 
Well let me tell you I took a second look at Mini-Six, ya see it has been updated a bit from its first release, includes some campaign settings, I have found it to be a sweet system.  I stat'ed up several characters for fun, its quick and easy with just enough crunch to suit the time harried GM/player. Looking to do a quick playtest of it very soon. It definately won't appeal to everyone, those of you who love the 3.x/Pathfinder massive stat blocks will probably be less than enthused.
Oh guess I need to provide a link!  The kind folks at Anti-Paladin Games have released it for free.  Check it out!

  I forgot to mention alot of the Full-Blown d6 stuff is free also!!  d6 Space
Mini-Six has some quick conversion notes for those that want to plug in more stuff from the other books.  It's also really easy to house-rule stuff in, something that appeals to the tinkerer in me.
-Good Gaming!


  1. I'm in the same boat as you. Hello 1979. D6 came out when I was in college. Some roleplayed a lot in college. I on the other hand had other...urm...pursuits. I only picked up WEGs Star Wars last year and have yet to play it. But Mini-Six, especially the revised version, is so sweet. Simple, flexible and fun looking. I'm looking to persuade my game partner to give it a go.

  2. Hey Narmer,
    It was your blog entries;
    That helped to cause me to take a (second) look at Mini-Six. So thanks to you and
    I've found a really cool system!

  3. I remember making and posting some example Mini-Six characters at the Labyrinth Lord forum. I even made Transformers, with some simple rule-fu to add vehicle templates. Its nice to find a game that has such fun and simple cargen mechanics.

  4. Hey Malcadon,
    I must have missed your posts, going off to look for them now!

  5. As usual, good info abounds here, thanks for the link and the lowdown.

  6. Thanks Gyro,
    Let me know what you think of it!

  7. Mini-6 is inspiring my own home-brew, which needed a "nutshell" system. Kudos to AP for accepting all pulp setting concepts...

  8. I found the post. It right here. You'll find a ton of example PCs there!

  9. Some good stuff there Malcadon thanks!
    labsenpai have fun with your home-brew! Mini-Six really does allow for alot of cool setting concepts!