Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doomcopter for D&D

  I was reading over the new D&D Basic rules this evening, putting off doing my paper, and thought I'd try something different.  I don't have much experience with the new D&D rules yet, and have never made up a vehicle for any RPG, so I figure what the heck, lets see what I can do...
I want my next D&D Campaign to be different, yesterday's Gonzo Mutant Future Thundarresque game, reminded me how much I like throwing crazy things at my players, so for my next D&D Campaign I've decided to not go the traditional vanilla fantasy route.  Nothing wrong with Tolkeinesque Campaigns, but I want to do something different, and I think the new D&D rules will do the ticket. I want some weird tech in my game, laser pistols, renegade robots and more, the old card art from He-Man and the MotU came to mind.  I stumbled across a crazy looking vehicle from He-Man and figured why not...So without further ado I present the:

Doomcopter  (aka Skullcopter)
AC: 16 (The pilot gains a +5 to his AC;  three quarters cover)
HP: 30 (at 0 the vehicle must make an emergency landing(i.e. crash landing, at -30 the craft is destroyed)
ATK: Chomp Attack 2d6+3, Grappling Chomp (with a successful chomp attack the pilot can attempt to make a Grapple with the massive jaws on a failed Dex save vs DC 12 the victim is caught in the massive jaws),  Rip-Rotor (See Below)
Crew: 1
Speed: Flying 200 Max Speed/100 speed when "carrying" a victim in its jaws. 
      The Doomcopter is a frightening one-man helicopter powered by eldritch necromantic energies best forgotten.  What it lacks in durability it makes up for in frightening aspect.  The front of the craft is a giant skull that can glow with an eerie green energy.  Upon seeing this glow, foes must make a DC 12 Wisdom save or  suffer the Frightened condition as detailed below.  The Frightful glow effect does not work in daylight conditions and can only be activated for 1 minute at a time (Recharge 5-6).  

Frightful Presence- A being or creature that starts its turn within sight of the glowing skull must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw. Failed Save: the  target has the Frightened Condition for 1 minute; while frightened the affected creature must move away from the Doomcopter.  As an action, the frightened target can make a DC 14 Wisdom or Charisma check to end the effect.  Successful save; the target is immune to the Copter's Frightful Presence for the next 24 hours. This immunity also applies once the effect ends.
Damage Resistance (Necrotic)- Powered by Arcane Necromantic Energies, the craft and its pilot  gain resistance against necrotic attacks.
Rip-Rotor- As a last ditch attack the rotor blades can be launched at a foe (Range 100/400) on a successful hit does 4d6 slashing damage, doing this will cause the vehicle to crash!
                        I will no doubt tweak this one down the road, when the DMG and MM come out I will have a better handle on things, but for my first test run err.. I mean flight I kinda like how this turned out.
Good Gaming  -B.  


  1. I really dig this. While I'm planning on going classic fantasy with my first 5E game, I'm looking forward to seeing your gonzo creations.

    1. Hey Justin, thanks for the comment. Hoping my work schedule allows me to work up some stuff. : )

  2. I like it. My son, as well. When I told him it was a "doom copter," he thought it belonged to Dr. Doom. I like that angle.

    1. Hey Lord Gwydion,
      Dr. Doom Copter works for me! Would be fun to see him written up for D&D.

  3. Love it!

    "I want some weird tech in my game, laser pistols, renegade robots and more..." We think alike. ;)