Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Being in a Sci Fi mood of late, I thought I'd track down a Sci Fi movie from the 70's that I have heard about but never seen.  That movie was Starcrash!  I watched it last night and I'm not sure where to begin!
This movie is so Cheesy that the Cheese has extra Cheese!  But you know what, it was so bad that it was good.  The plot was ridiculous, acting terrible, special effects bad even for the era it was filmed in.  But you know what I kinda enjoyed it! 
And not just because of the scantily clad leading lady.   LOL

My favorite character was actually the "Tin-Horn" law-man Robot Elle. 
I may have to try to adapt some stuff from it for my next Sci Fi Campaign. 
Good Gaming- B.


  1. I tried to watch this a few months ago, I got maybe ten minutes in and couldn't go on.

    1. Hey Stu Rat, it is pretty bad, but something just wouldn't let me quit watching it!

  2. It's got the Hoff in it. Golden!

  3. Star Crash is an old favorite and you ought to check out Space 1970 for a ton of good stuff from the movie. Its just one of those super bad movies that just that good!

  4. Now you know the full awesomeness/awfulness that inspired Rad Astra! ;)