Sunday, May 11, 2014


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I find myself back in a Sci Fi mood these days.  Read an interesting article about ants recently and decided to stat up a mutant/alien beast for Other Dust/Stars Without Number.  Just tweak them a bit and they are perfect for X-plorers or any other Old School Game.

Ant, Giant Vampire  "Dracula Ant"
AC: 6                                     No. Appearing: 1d8 (3d10)
Hit Dice: 1                             Saving Throw: 15
Attack Bonus: +1                   Movement: 30', 20' climb
Damage:  (bite) 1d4+1          Morale: 9
Special Abilities: Attach, Blood Drain
Attach: On a successful bite attack the vampire ant will attempt to imbed its mandibles into the victims skin in order to feed upon the victim's blood.  The victim must succeed at an Evasion save.  Failure means that the vampire ant has imbedded itself into the victim.  Each round the victim may attempt a new save to pull, twist and turn to remove the ant, if successful the victim suffers 1d4 damage from the mandibles ripping and tearing  the victim's skin. 
Blood Drain: Upon successfully imbedding its feeding mandibles into a victim's flesh, the vampire ant will then inflict 1d4 points of damage per round due to blood drain. The blood drain starts the round following a successful attach attack.  After draining 10 points of blood from a victim the vampire ant will break off the attack and return to its lair to feed the queen.

 Giant Vampire Ants (aka Dracula Ants) are a (mutant or alien,  if using in SWN) species of ant that on average are 3' long.  In many ways they act and behave like normal ants, except for their size and blood draining ability. Their queens feed exclusively upon blood.  Vampire Ant Queens are enormous bloated beasts that are nearly immobile and are dependent upon the colony to bring her blood to feed upon.  There are rumors that some queens are intelligent and even have psychic abilities but this has never been proven.
Inspired by this real world ant


  1. I was wondering when somebody would write these up for a game :)

  2. Hey Eli!
    I started writing this up a bit ago but got busy. Found my notes and figured I'd get them posted. Thanks for the comment and dropping in!

  3. Welcome back! And very nice write up! Sharing these with the Metamorphosis Alpha Facebook group, I'm sure they'll be interested!
    Cheers Bill!

    1. Thanks Needles, Sci Fi just keeps calling me back! : )

  4. Replies
    1. Draculants! Great play on the name, consider it swiped! : )

  5. We recently had a crapload of big ants, that needed to be gone. Finally found something that worked. These guys though, were big and mean and they looked like Dracula ants.