Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Nod Companion

I haven't posted about the Blood & Treasure RPG in awhile, but I still think it is a great game, it is a nice merging of old school and new school mechanics. Awhile back I picked up The Nod Companion.
If you like the Blood & Treasure RPG, I suggest you pick this up.  I'd say it is the Unearthed Arcana of the Blood & Treasure RPG.  It has three new races (depicted on the cover), tons of new and interesting classes, while not all will work in every campaign, there is something for everyone!  Some of the new classes include the Anarchist, Beastmaster, Charlatan, Demonologist, Elementalist, Gourmand (for the cook in you!), Leech, Psychic, Puritan (Soloman Kane anyone?), Vampyre and many more! Some new equipment (Axe Pistol! Nice), New spells (like Acid Geyser!), and some other rules on skills and proficiencies.  All in all a great Companion to the already very cool Blood & Treasure RPG. 

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