Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mid South Con

This weekend was Mid South Con in Memphis, Tennessee.  I managed to get to go for part of Friday and a good bit of Saturday. I had fun, The Troll Lords had a booth and I got to talk C&C with some folks. Bought a copy of C&C Classic Monsters.  I played some Labyrinth Lord with an old gamer friend who was in town for the con, wherein we got to adventure in The Castle of the Mad Archmage (at least I think that was the adventure the DM never specified but the art he showed us looked like the image below)! Labyrinth Lord is so cool that we had time to roll up our own characters and still have time to play.  I was Biorn Biscuit Eater rotund fighter of renown, along with Graga the Dwarf and Lucky the Thief (Lucky wasn't so lucky he died down in the dungeon's depths)!  The dungeon was fun, I wish we'd had more time to explore it, but the DM had to go to another event so we wrapped up the session.
Boardgames were very popular this year, not my thing, but I did play Conquest of Nerath, and actually did pretty well. There were several Pathfinder Society games going, again not my thing.   I was disappointed in the dealer room, not much to choose from this year. But the money I didn't spend can be used to purchase The Dungeon Dozen!  All in all it was a fun weekend, the Labyrinth Lord session has me hankering to start running again. So if your in the Memphis area and want to toss some dice give me a buzz!

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