Sunday, November 4, 2012

Using Rifts Resources for my SWN Campaign Part 1

 Recently I read a post from a fellow blogger over at Outsyder Gaming.  He talked about using the random colony generation tables from the Rifts Dimension book Thundercloud Galaxy, which reminded me of my post about using Thundercloud Galaxy as a resource for Stars Without Number. After a recent visit to a used bookstore I scored several Palladium products for dirt cheap.  So I thought I'd play around a bit today and see what I could come up with for my SWN Campaign.  Consider what follows to be a very early draft. I'm initially using the Thundercloud Galaxy Colony creation tables, but will indicate when and where I am using other resources as I move forward with this.

Basic Premise: The planet will be somewhere in a sector that I haven't worked up yet for a SWN Campaign that I have no idea when I will get to start.  LOL
So rolling away I get:
Colony Organization: Independent Colony, self-sufficient
Colony Size: Colony
General Alignment: Unprincipled
Trade Policies: No questions asked!
Environment Around the Colony: Mixed forest
Notable/Special Natural Resource: Big Game Hunting
Buildings/Facilities: I'll roll for these later
Medical Facility: Small Hospital
Primary Source of Energy: Solar
Primary Source of Transportation: Animals
Security/Fighting Force: Colonial Soldiers
Outside Threats: Raiders
All right that's a start let me go fiddle with this a bit.
More to come...  : )


  1. I'v considered getting Thundercloud Galaxy for just these very resources. I have also considered converting RIFTS to SWN, though in the end I decided to go with my own bizarre hybrid of AD&D and RIFTS. :)

    Maybe I'll ask for this in my Palladium Xmas surprise package this year...

  2. Needles, thanks! Oh and your package is in the mail!
    McWieg, Thundercloud is a mixed bag, it has potential but has an odd African Colonial vibe to the whole product which seems weird for a sci fi space accessory. I love the Rifts setting but the mechanics make me crazy, adapting elements of it to other games (SWN for one) is the only way I can play it now. Palladium Christmas surprise hmmm that's an interesting idea! : )

  3. If nothing else, you get a lot of great setting material for your buck.

    Totally agree about the Palladium mechanics... great ideas, great settings, terrible rules. I have tons of Palladium material on my shelf, and almost all of it was purchased with the express purpose of using it with another rule set.