Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stars Without Number : Krugreppeans

Lenses: Superstitious
Government: Tribal
Technology Level: 4
Motivation: Vengeance

Krugreppeans are a tall (average 7'), humanoid race covered in thick hair, and have light brown skin with no visible nasal structures.

     Krugreppeans were originally a happy and peaceful people. This all changed when a deranged alien psychic unleashed a Maltech device in an attempt to harness the power of their homeworld's star. The alien was unable to control the ancient device, and instead, their sun was destroyed as was the bulk of their civilization and people. They used their starships to flee the destruction of their homeworld; however, they only possessed a limited number of spike drive capable starships, nowhere near enough to save the bulk of their people, the remaining Krugreppeans died on their homeworld. Since that time they have spread out in their starships across the stars, hunting for the rogue psychic that destroyed their civilization. Now most Krugreppeans are trained as warriors, favoring both energy and bladed weapons. In spite of their advanced technology they have always been a superstitious people, the destruction of their society has only made them even more so. One oddity, they like to use the word "Hoopla" as an exclamation of some sort, its meaning has yet to be determined.
Krugreppeans as PC's
Roll 3d6 for attributes as per the normal rules; however, Krugreppeans have at least a 14 strength attribute.
Hairy – They are covered in a thick hairy hide, providing them with a +1 bonus on saves to resist the effects of cold. This thick hair also gives them a base AC of 8.
No known Krugreppeans are psychic.

Based on the alien race from Marvel Comics, Defenders #150, no copyright infringement is intended.


  1. Awesome work Bill! Very cool race & nice write up!

  2. I think this just became the new template for a FATE character I should be rolling up. Where would I find more images of them (other than that issue of the Defenders)?

  3. Needles, Thanks! I just tweaked them from their Marvel Comics roots to fit in SWN, or hopefully any other Sci Fi RPG one might be playing.
    Mik sadly that's about the only place I've found them. What FATE game are you playing? Starblazers? Bulldogs?

  4. Kind of post-apoc fantasy on Earth, using Legends of Anglerre.

  5. Mik that sounds cool! Here's hoping you post about it on your blog!

  6. Here's a start:

  7. Thanks for the link Mik! Looks like fun!
    Although I must admit to knowing nothing about the Fate system. I dug out my issue of Defenders #150, The Krugreppeans speak in weird/cool's a few quotes for ya," So clutch your feather dusters buddy guys for here they come!"... "Now you will conform to my indoctrination or your knob will be riven like an eggshell!..."Hoopla!"...

  8. I'm going to have to adopt said speech in game methinks!