Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simian Saturday : Ape-okolips Now!

How's this for an ape-eriffic mix and match up! Marvel Zombies vs. Marvel Apes!!


  1. Zombie Giant Man? That's just gross.

    I had no idea Marvel had apes though, should've guessed though!

  2. Okay, what is this, Marvel Apes? I've never heard of that, is it some new-fangled comic for 2011? I did start reading the Frankenstein Agent of Shade and hope to write a blurb about it this coming week.

  3. I agree Mik, downright gross! : )
    Chris Marvel Apes came out a bit ago, I'm just slow posting about it. Looking forward to reading your blurb about Frankenstein Agent of Shade! : )

  4. Nice!!! Very cool.. Zombies vs Super powered apes ! Coolness