Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simian Saturday: Grendel vs. Gorilla

Anyone know anything about this series? I read on-line the War Child story-arc was very Rifts-like, I gotta admit that definately intrigued me.  Rifts game mechanics drive me nuts but I love the setting! 


  1. Nope I own war child & its very Gamma World or Mutant Future like without the clutter of Rifts.There was quite the uproar over that fight between the future Grendel & that ape. I believe that it was a homage to the pulps but folks were convinced it did a service to the simians. Personally that creature felt like a carnivorous ape straight out of the Monster Manual. The Grendel take on vampires has colored my view of them for over 20 plus years.
    The series is solid if you A. Like pulp magazines & B. Your into Grendel. So I personally like it..

  2. Needles!
    Thanks for the info. I must admit not being very familiar with Grendel. Thanks again!!