Saturday, October 22, 2011

Simian Saturday: Moon Apes

 I've missed some Simian Saturday posts due to health issues (darn back), thought I'd better rectify that.
Here is a beastie based on a critter I saw in a Space Ghost Cartoon over on the Exonauts Blog.

Moon Ape

AC 16, HD 4d6, THB +4, ATT 3 claw 2d6/claw 2d6/bite 2d6, ST 15+, MV 6, XP 240
Special Abilities: Acute Sense: Smell, Optional Movement: Climb as regular movement, Scaly hide.
(The above stats are for a typical specimen, much larger and tougher ones have been reported, raise stats accordingly).
     Moon Apes are fearsome beasts found on isolated worlds scattered throughout The Reaches. They are large ape-like beasts with certain reptilian characteristics. One theory among scientists is that they were possibly a creation of a forgotten advanced alien race and originally used as slave labor or some such, others say they were spread around by the mysterious Greys. What is known is that they are quite territorial and can be quite aggressive when encountered. X-plorer teams initially called them Moon Apes, and the name has stuck. One particularly frightening thing about them is that apparently if they have ample food and territory they can continue to grow to enormous sizes. Although there are no reports of encountering more than one beast of such great size at once, apparently the dominant ape kills or drives away any other apes that could be a threat to his dominance.

Worked this up for the cool X-plorers RPG but they can be used with all sorts of Old School games.
Creature is inspired by a beast seen in the Space Ghost Cartoon, no copyright infringement is intended.


  1. Moon Apes are the new sasquatch. Very cool!

  2. Very nice entry man! Awesome Space Ghost Monster!

  3. Jay thanks for posting that awesome video! If I could get a picture I'd do up the Astrodactyls.
    Needles, Thanks!! Your doing an awesome job with all of your write-ups of late, I'm having trouble keeping up with all of your posts! : )