Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rogers Class Land Rover

Updates will be intermittent for awhile.  I have been bedridden with a back injury of late so postings will be sporadic.  Here's a quick one I wrote up before I got hurt.  Just a fun little vehicle that I used to have fun with as a kid. Seemed to fit the vibe of X-plorers nicely.
Rogers Class Land Rover

     This Land Rover was initially developed for use in the irradiated zones of Earth, but has since found growing use and popularity with X-plorers team across the galaxy. Similar in design to the Explorer (pg. 23 Player's Guide Boxed Set), it has several upgrades and additional features not found in the basic Explorer ATV.
     Like the Explorer, it is completely enclosed with an airtight, radiation shielded, armored hull. The Rogers Land Rover can offer full life support for a crew of 4 for 72 hours. This tracked vehicle can travel over all but the roughest of terrain and can even travel under water.
AC: 16 (Armored Hull) or 17 (when Force Screen is activated, although constant, prolonged use of the Force Screen will drain the vehicles battery and impair overall performance).
Other Features: Dual Turret light laser Cannon. 3-5d6. Ramge 200. cam cpver 180', with a 45' angle.
Built in Full sensor array (equivalent of Sensor/Survey Kit (as per pg. 19 Player's Guide Boxed Set).
In a pinch the entire outer hull can be electrificed doing 4d6 electrical damage to anything touching or on the outside of the vehicle. However, this will cause the entire vehicle to shut down and reboot taking 1d6 minutes to reboot.

Based on the Land Rover featured in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Movie Pilot.


  1. i dig it! Vroom! Vroom!

    I hope your back feels better soon!

  2. Nice just what the Space Family Robinson needs! Excellent post & vehicle sir!

  3. I remember a model set from my younger years. It was a modular vehicle. land cruiser and at least one flying vessel. I can't remember the name. It was awesome.

  4. Get well soon!

    Maybe a little light reading while you recover:

  5. I warned you that gator-rasslin' was a young man's game, but would you listen? NOOOOOOOO.

    Get better soon, man.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I'm doing better, doc says I have a torn muscle in my back just gonna take time, meds and some physical therapy.
    Hey Tetsubo was it a Micronaut vehicle by chance??

  7. Ancient Vaults just went to the link you posted! AWESOME!! : )