Saturday, October 29, 2011

Darkness Visible; new supplement for Stars Without Number RPG

Sine Nomine Publishing has released a new supplement for their awesome Stars Without Number RPG.

Espionage Campaigns for Stars Without Number!

 Here's some info about this particular product;
"Look inside to find...

The history of interstellar spying in the Stars Without Number universe.
Details of the hideous maltech cults that threaten the very future of humanity.
A system for cooperatively creating intelligence agencies for your campaign and handling exploits against their nefarious rivals.
36 new tags for flavoring your cults, all of which can be used as world tags as well.
Over 200 new adventure seeds, each one keyed to a different aspect of an espionage agency.
NPC, scheme, and method tables for fleshing out conspiracies and dark plots."

Awhile back I scored the Mongoose Traveller RPG Book #5 Agent for a great price, I'm betting these two supplements will complement each other nicely!

 I'll definately be picking up Darkness Visible.  I love the SWN RPG. Now to wait on pay day... *sigh*  : )

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