Sunday, March 31, 2024

Wasted World : Bethmoora; The Rim of Hell

          I've been reading over the Wasted World rules for EZD6, and in talking to my buddy Matt, I suggested he adapt his Bethmoora fantasy campaign idea to the Post-Apocalyptic genre. He worked up some images with MJ and I think they are pretty cool.  Check them out HERE. I love the idea of a local boss having set up a base of operations along the rim of a large crater filled with untold ruins, treasures and dangers.  Maybe the boss and his goons have set up a system of pulleys and lifts that can lower scavengers down into the ruins, they will bring you back up (if you survive) but the boss gets a % of whatever loot you find!  

     The "community" around the crater rim can be a sort of "Deadwood" like operation.  With Taverns, Brothels, Gambling Dens and other businesses to get scavengers to spend their hard-earned loot.  Other businesses can have various tools and devices for sale to help with scavenging, some of which may not be the most safe or reliable.  

     All sorts of NPC's can inhabit such a place.  Maybe some sell maps that claim to show the location of lost loot, who knows, maybe a few are legit?  Not to mention weird cults that could have their own purposes for delving into the ruins, or don't want things discovered. 

     Let me know what you think? I think this sort of setting could work well with a sort of West Marches, er.. I mean Rad Marches type of campaign. EZD6 seems to be a fun system that lets you jump into play quickly, yet still gives you some interesting character creation options.  More to come!

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  1. "The "community" around the crater rim can be a sort of "Deadwood" like operation."

    This is exactly how I envisioned Bethmoora, a den of scum and villainy. The entire economy is set up as a hustle to get people to adventure into the pit, come out with treasure that they then spend, only to be forced to repeat again when their pockets are empty. The various businesses that have popped around the rim are there merely to pray upon those who manage to survive a dip into the pit. Gangs have popped up and control various parts or neighborhoods around the city, the local noble simply being a figurehead allowed to maintain an air of security.