Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Brain Bats!! 28mm Flying Brains!

 I haven't posted about minis in quite awhile. I've steadily been working on my collection of 28mm minis.

I picked these up before Covid, and a friend of mine just recently painted them up for me.  They are Ding Bats from Rebel Minis. Here's the link: Ding Bats I can't decide if I want to call them Ding Bats or Brain Bats...decisions, decisions! 


Someone left a window open and looked what flew in!!!

I'm really glad I got these, they are an unusual monster with loads of potential.  I can see them having psionic abilities, maybe a stinger tail. Great for Post Apocalyptic mutant games, D&D, etc... 

Good Gaming - B.B. 


  1. Those are pretty cool! I may have to borrow the idea for my games. :D

    1. Hey Dennis! Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Glad to hear I may have given you an idea for your games!