Saturday, October 30, 2021

OldSkull d100 NPC Generator

 I've been a fan of Kent Kelly's OSR Castle Oldskull gaming supplements for awhile now.  I recently picked up one of his newer releases the Oldskull d100 NPC Generator.  You can find it HERE

     The blurb from the Amazon description, " This book is dedicated solely to helping you to generate ideas which will allow you sketch out a unique, interesting and evocative Non-Player Character … either an enemy or ally to the Player Character party, depending on your needs... This is a compact guide which will give you only the core ideas to build your NPC from, in 5 minutes or less. (The initial read-through will take you longer.)..."

      After doing a quick read through of the book I decided to test out the " 5 minutes or less" theory.  The results are the NPC below.

 Belladonna the Terrible

female human, Fighter, Level 3   Neutral Evil

Str 14 Int 11 Wis 7 Dex 13 Con 12 Cha 5

Personality : Neurotic

Likes: Night & Darkness, due to her hideous scarring, she has a preference for operating at night and in the shadows. She views a bright sunny day as others would view a dark, cold and foggy night.

Loot/Valuables - any given time (depending on her recent  jobs or who she has murdered in an alleyway) she has up to 200 gp in valuables on her.

+1 Chainmail, Potion of Animal Control (in a pinch she will use the potion to control any nearby dogs, rats etc.  to attack her foes). 

      Guess what? The NPC Generator passed the 5 minute test.  Other than a couple of quick rolls in my OSE Treasure book to determine her magical armor and potion, I was able to get the above NPC just from a series of a few random rolls in the NPC Generator book.  It took me longer to find a picture of her that I liked than to roll up the NPC. All she needs is some hit points and a bit more gear and she is ready to unleash on my campaign!  Kent Kelly recommends using the book in between games rather than as an "at the table during sessions" resource, but it can work for that too.  I would have never come up with a NPC like Belladonna without this resource and I'm glad I picked it up!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and you are able to get some gaming in with your friends!  

-Good Gaming!  B.B.


  1. What in the wide world of sports happened to Belladonna's face? Yikes. I guess I'd be angry, too, after that.

  2. She has definitely had a tragic tale of woe!