Sunday, September 20, 2020

WildChild for AS&SH

     With AS&SH still on my mind, I went with the wife to Target. Of course, I had to browse the toy section, I mean I do have a grandson, not that I need an excuse. ; ) 

     I spotted a Marvel Comics Wild Child action figure on the shelf and that got me to thinking...dangerous I know.  Trey over on the Sorcerers Skull blog has been posting about comics for a bit, and I realized how much of a significant influence comics have had on my RPG game .  For our upcoming campaign I want to get back to that model.  So after I got home, I sat down to work up a version of Wild Child for my upcoming AS&SH Campaign. 

     Wild Child is more of a secondary character in the Marvel Comics, this figure ties into the Age of Apocalypse storyline wherein he was nearly feral, of low intellect and had limited ability to communicate verbally, plus he was prone to berserk rages. Sabretooth kept him in check on a chain leash to keep him from harming his teammates. ...So when I saw the figure, I thought...ok how do I work him up for AS&SH?  It turned out to be much easier than I thought. 

Wildchild  aka Wildheart


level 3

Alignment: Chaotic Evil 

Religion: None

Hit Points: 39

Hit Die: D12

AC: 5

Str 17 (+1 to hit and +2 damage melee)

Int  3 (illiterate, limited verbal communication-growls, howls etc...)

Wis 15 ( additional +1 to will saves)

Dex  17 (+1 to AC)

Con 18 (+3 hit points per level)

Cha 5 (-2 reaction adjustment)

Armour Allowed: Any (but won't wear heavy armour)

Any (but opposed to missile weapons) plus he lacks the intelligence and patience to load a crossbow

Shields Allowed: Any (but won't use one)

Saving Throw Modifier: +2 bonus to all saves (see hardy ability)

Class Abilities: Berserk Rage (1 x day for 3 rds., +9 temp hit points), Enhanced Combat ( +2 to attack and damage rolls on all melee attacks), Fire Immunity: Impervious to normal fire; saves vs. magical fire always successful. Frightening Aspect: Fearsome to behold; enemy morale checks penalized by −2, Refusal to Fall (Can fight to as low as −3 hp), Refusal to Surrender( Cannot yield, retreat, or withdraw from melee once the rage is begun), Unbreakable Willpower (Immunity to fear, charm,), Uncontrollable (once all foes down, may still continue fighting), Leap 25', Climb 8:12, Weapon Mastery (Unarmed -Pummeling attacks- +1 hit and damage,  attacks 3/2, 1d2+4 damage).

Secondary Skills: Hunter

Languages: Common (understands it, can't really speak it)

Weapons & Equipment

Studded Leather Armor, Spiked Collar, chain leash, cæstuses (+1 damage)

For my AS&SH campaign-

     Wildchild was said to have been raised by wolves  and his behavior certainly supports that.  Found as a child by a group of adventurers he was sold to a slaver and wound up in Xambaala. Since then he has been raised and used by the mercenary enforcer Drago as...well as an attack dog!  Wildchild responds to Drago's commands, more or less, but when the rage is upon him, even Drago has difficulty controlling him, hence the leash.  Once per day, Drago can use his speak with animals ability to command Wildchild to stop an attack while he is enraged, Wildchild has a 1 in 12 chance of continuing to fight for 1d6 rounds even after this command is issued.  My initial post had Dr Steel (Drago) as 4th level, for my campaign I have upped Drago's level to 5th, since I felt he needed that extra level of oomph to better handle Wildchild. 

     If you want to go with the truly feral more Marvel Comics aspect of Wild Child, raise his level to 7, which is where he gets the berserker bestial form ability.  I wanted to introduce him in my campaign at a lower level, so I went with  a level 3 version.

WildChild is copyright Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement is intended


  1. Didn't Wild Child start in Alpha Flight, as part of the 'B-team' Gamma Flight?

    1. Hey Throrll, that is correct. He has floated between hero and villain a bit over the years. I was basing the above write-up loosely on his story arc in Age of Apocalypse. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. I've only encountered Wild Child in Dragon Magazine (in the old Marvel-Phile articles on Alpha and Omega Flight). Didn't know he'd morphed into anything since the 1980s...interesting.

    1. Hey JB, yeah he has shown up a little here and there. Thanks for dropping by!