Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dr. Steel for SB&CS & AS&SH

      Recently the Swords & Stitchery blog did a post that took me back to my childhood.  As a kid I had a ton of fun with the Dr. Steel action figure. In my imagination he was a villain, scowling face, dragon tattoo, scar, and a steel hand!  Ever since I read Needles post, I've been thinking I need to work Dr. Steel into my games. Covid sort of wiped out my face to face gaming, although I have had some fun online games with friends.  However, my group has started talking about resuming face to face play. Earlier today I was skimming my copy of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells rules and when I came across the Tough archetype I knew that was the right choice for Dr. Steel. Below is a entry level version of Dr. Steel as a Tough for SB&CS.


Dr. Steel

Concept: "Mercenary enforcer with a dragon tattoo and a steel right hand"

Archetype: The Tough

Vitality: 18

Sanity: 13

Luck: 4

Physique: 16

Agility: 15

Intellect: 13

Willpower: 11

Prime Attributes: Physique and Agility

Recovery Roll: 1d6+2

Special Abilities:

Too Tough to Die

Feel the Pain

● I Can Take 'Em All

● That’s my Favorite:Steel Fist

Complication:  Criminal Background

Weapons & Equipment

Steel Fist 1d6 damage, positive die to hide and when attacking

Combat Knife 1d6 -1 damage, positive die to hide

Heavy Pistol 1d6 damage, long range

Backpack, Belt Pouch, Canteen, Rations (1 week)


       But wait there's more!  I gave my players a pretty long list of some gaming options that I would be interested in running for them. Interestingly enough Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea seems to be moving towards the top of their interest list (5E is at the bottom). I thought well... Dr. Steel won't work in Hyperborea because....wait a damn minute. There is NO reason I can't work him into a AS&SH game. So I dug out my AS&SH book and within a short time had a cool NPC that I can't wait to use in a AS&SH game. I wanted him to be a villain for this one, in my readings about the Dr. Steel toy, seems he was called Dr. Drago and was a villain as an overseas toy, so I went with the name Drago and gave him an Ixian vibe. I see him as a mercenary enforcer for some nasty villainous type. I'd forgotten how robust AS&SH characters are and am pretty pleased with how he turned out.  He currently doesn't have ranged attacks, but he can close quickly, deflect missiles and then get into hand to hand. Give him some first level goons to boss around and I see a unique and interesting challenge for low level PC's.