Sunday, April 12, 2020

Red Shirt Rangers a group for Gamma World 4th Edition

The Crimson Cadre (Red Shirt Rangers)
     Travel across the wastelands is a dangerous endeavor. Isolated enclaves and communities struggle to survive on their own, which is why what little trade exists between them is so vital for their ongoing survival. A few brave caravans and merchants brave the wastes to bring trade goods, supplies and information to these separated communities.  Good coin can be made for those willing to take up the job of caravan guard, although few are willing to do it, given the short life span such work brings. That's where the Crimson Cadre, more commonly known by others as the Red Shirt Rangers come in.  Everyone knows they are clones, everyone except perhaps the Red Shirts themselves. They all look alike, sound alike, act alike and for the most part die alike. 

Equipped with dark red leather tunics (+2 to AC),  Daggers (1d4 damage) and single-shot bolt pistols (2d8 damage). They can be "rented" for guard duty across the wastes. Payment is made up front to a mysterious entity/organization known as "The Network".  Payment is nonrefundable, and killed cadre member's weapons and gear are to be returned to The Network, in order to get your gear deposit back.
Red Shirt Ranger

Number: Varies depending on the job (1d8 average)
Percept: 10
Stealth/R.U.: 0
AC: 12 (10)
MD: 10 
Health: 10 
Level: 1 
Hit Dice:  4 (14) 
THAC: +1 
Attacks: 1 (pistol 2d8 or dagger 1d4) 
Int: Average  
Morale: 12 
Size: M 
XP: 20 
 *above stats are for Gamma World 4th edition, but could be used with Mutant Future, or adjusted for Other Dust or other games.


  1. Ohhhhh, those poor red shirts ... :-)

  2. Those minis are fantastic. And that Kirk meme! I like that they are clones. Adds a bit of mystery to their vat grown origins.

    1. Thanks Christian! Been trying to do a bit of posting, since you have been so productive of late.